Lancaster Area Soaring Society                                          AMA CHARTERED CLUB # 1178

Important Stuff

LASS Flying Site Rules - All pilots flying their planes at our sites MUST read and follow the rules.  We want everyone to fly safe and respect our fine flying sites so we all can enjoy them.  If you have any questions, please contact any of our officers on our Contacts page. .

LASS Constitution - The club's constitution and bylaws.

Frequency Sharing Agreement - Our close proximity to the Manheim Flying Tigers field requires we have this agreement between us and them to avoid conflicts.  A list of our assigned frequencies can also be found here.


Annual dues are presently $45 a year which entitles our members to unrestricted use of our fields and the Breezy View slope site.  All members are required to maintain a current AMA membership of any class as stated in our charter.

The club meetings will be held as needed and announced via Email.  Prospective new members or persons interested in learning more about R/C soaring are always welcome to attend our meetings as guests.  Please Contact one of the officers for more information.


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