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    The name of the organization shall be the "Lancaster Area Soaring Society". The official abbreviation shall be "LASS". This club shall be a chartered club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.


    The basic purpose of this club shall be to promote the interest, design, construction and flying of model sailplanes as well as the promotion of the model aircraft hobby. The club shall foster goodwill toward the model aircraft hobby.

ARTICLE III(Membership)

    All persons shall be eligible for membership provided they hold a current “License" as issued by the Academy of Model Aeronautics.


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      1.Governing Body-

             The governing body of this club shall be the Executive

       Committee, consisting of the President, Vice-President,Secretary,

       Treasurer and 2 Directors(Board Members)and the immediate past

       President for a period of one year following his term of office.



        a. President- The President shall preside at all club meetings 

                      and perform such duties as ordinarily pertain to

                      his office.

        b. Vice-President-The Vice-President shall assume the duties and

                      powers of the President in the absence of the

                      President and perform such other duties as

                      ordinarily pertain to his office.

        c. Secretary- The secretary shall keep accurate records of 

                      proceedings at all regular meetings and meetings

                      of the Executive Committee,shall keep the official

                      record of club membership, make necessary reports

                      to such organizations with which the society may

                      become affiliated and assure the members of the

                      Executive Committee are appropriately informed

                      of meetings of the committee and perform other

                      duties as ordinarily pertain to his office.

        d.Treasurer-  The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds and

                      perform such duties as ordinarily pertain to his

                      office. Upon his retirement from office,he shall

                      turn over to his successor all funds, books of

                      accounts and any other society property in his

                      possession, after each has been reviewed by the

                      President's auditing committee (minimum 2 people).

                      The fiscal accounting period shall begin 1 Jan

                     of each year and end 31 Dec of the same year.


      3. Powers-

             The Executive Committee shall conduct all business of the

       club, control all offices and committees and discharge all

       responsibilities of the club. Decisions of the club shall be

       recorded in writing and reported to the club membership. A

       majority of the general membership can override an Executive

       Committee decision.







  4. Election and terms of office-

                    a. The terms of the President, Vice-President,      

                    Secretary and Treasurer shall be for two(2) years.

                   The terms of the Directors(Broad Members) shall be

                   two years with one Director being elected each year.                


                   b. Nominations of officers and Directors shall be

                    made at the regular November meeting and ballots

                    mailed to all members within 7 days of nomination.

                    Only those ballots received on or before the Dec

                    meeting will be accepted and a majority vote of all

                    ballots received shall determine the outcome of the



       5. Membership dues- yearly

               Individual-$30.00 (one vote in club business)

               Family-----$31.00 (one vote in club business)

               Youth (16-19)$15.00 (1 vote in club business)

               Junior(<16)$10.00 (15 and under one vote in club business

            All LASS members must be current members in good standing

            of AMA. Dues are due by the 1st of the year.



            Meetings shall be held monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the

            month. Starting time unless otherwise noted will be 7:00P.M.


   7. Special Fund

            The treasurer of the club shall be authorized to receive

            contributions of specially obtained funds from any

            individual or institution to be applied to the operating

            expenses of the club.


       8. Activities

            The President shall appoint the chairmen and members of the

            various committees of the club. These activities shall

            include but are not limited to : Competitive Activities,

            Newsletter and Public Relations.


       9. A quorum for any regular meeting shall consist of a majority

            of members in good standing attending that meeting.


      10. Vacancy-

            Should a vacancy occur on the Executive Committee, a special

            election shall be held promptly at a regular monthly meeting



             All suggested changes to the By Laws shall be submitted to the

            Executive committee for review and consideration. After a

            favorable review, ballots showing the proposed changes shall

            be mailed to the membership at least 20 days prior to the

            next monthly meeting. Members shall return their ballots on

            or before the next meeting and a majority of votes received

            by the next meeting will carry the proposed change(s).