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LASS Swap Shop

The Swap Shop is where club members can submit items that they have to sell or trade.   This is a free service to our members and LASS assumes no liability or responsibility for any items posted here.  If you see something you are interested in, please contact the seller directly.  All sales are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller.  

To post an item - please press the button below.  Items will appear in the section below after the next page update.


I'm selling my Artemis LT, V-tail.
I'd like to get $600 for it, with (4) MPX Super FL digitals (~$75ea) in the
wing & a battery pack.
I'm planning to fly my Pikes next season and want to pass this plane on to
somebody else.  The center panel has seen better days, I bought it as a blem
and it has had some repair work done to it, one of the carbon joiners is now
permanently glued into the joiner box (no loss in strength or performance). 
The airframe is flyable and competitive 'as is', but a new center panel some
time in the future might be desired (~$200 for a new section).  Fuse is k/c
w/ a canopy, one piece v-tail, 7035 section, ~68oz flying weight.  No bad
flying habits and she slows down great for contest landings.
If interested, let me know, or please pass the info on to somebody who might

Tom Miller
Carlisle, PA


Looking to buy used/worn out engines even if they don't run just to become
familiar with their workings before investing lots of money.

Email: HoneybrookHG@aol.com


For sale: Tower Hobbies ARF System 3000
Trainer 60, wingspan 69.5 in. O.S.Max .60 eng.
Tower Hobbies 4FM radio, w/buddy box & cord (ch 38)
Extras; field box, electric starter, chicken stick, 
ni-cd clip-on glo-driver, hand powered fuel pump, 2 gal 
fuel(10% nitro) Plane flyable and in moderate condition.
Asking $250 o.b.o. Call (717)285-3218


NIB!!! Artemis LT + tail.: 68 oz Full flying stab. Model comes pre wired
with a auto plug in db9 and the wires ran to the pre molded servo boxes.
Also includes a ballast tube and ballast bar. 

$ 750.00, but you must pick it up from Maryland. I would be willing to
drive 30 miles to meet someone.

301-924-6051, John Bergsmith