April 2002 ISSUE


From the Editor:

Spring is here!  You wouldn’t know it some mornings – still a bit crisp out there but the sun is bright and the rising currents bring hope of max times and perfect landings!  There has been some flying at Carpenter field on the fairly good days we’ve had that is if you can put 30oz of ballast in your plane to keep it moving forward in the stiff breeze!!  I don’t even unpack if it’s that windy – better to wait and fly another day than watch my plane get blown into the next county.  One day I’ll spend the bucks on a composite ship, but not yet.


Speaking of fields, Carpenter field is the one we are using – NOT JUNCTION RD!!

Bob Waters sent out an email about this – we don’t need anyone getting shot down because some one is using the wrong field.  The field next to Stauffers Distribution Center on Greystone is in good shape (where the big silos used to be) and is the preferred location.  The north side (where the sprinklers are) is an alternative location but check to see that no one is at the preferred location before flying there.


News & Current Events


The LASS banquet is on for April 21st at Kreiders on RT 72 in Manheim at 5:30PM.  If you plan on attending, contact Paul Ahnert ASAP so we can get a head count to Kreiders.  The Conestoga Propbusters Club will be joining us so we can get a better deal with the increased numbers.


Upcoming Events


The next LASS meeting is on April 18th.  This will probably be the last one at Mountville until the fall starts and the winds blow cold once more.  As always, the meeting starts at 7PM.  Bring along your latest project or something neat to show the group!


The big ESL contest is scheduled for June 8th and 9th.  More info and a special section on the website devoted to the event are planned so visit often the latest info.




That’s about it for this month.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop me an email at