March 2002 ISSUE


From the Editor:


Spring’s warm breezes are just around the corner as February fades into a memory and March comes in like a slightly damp lion – some much needed rain for a change.  Lots of people at work with dry wells – hope you’re not one of them.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get nearly enough rain.  It will probably be ‘crunchy’ on the sod if we don’t see some serious rain soon, that is even if they’ll let us out on it.


The big Lebanon show is coming up on March 9, 2000 at the Lebanon Fair Grounds and I’ll be there looking for some bargains – I need a couple of items for the P51 I’m working on.  I’m making the early morning trek up there with Greg Williams and Bud Sherwood to help Bud get his goodies he will have for sale unloaded and displayed on our tables.  We have 5 tables so come early to get your wares out!


Thanks to everyone who voted in the LASS election this year and to everyone who has sent me their pictures to post on the web site!  Speaking of which, our website is taking hits on a regular basis so I know someone is looking at it besides me.  I’m thinking of making a few cosmetic changes in the coming months to it so if you see a site that you think I should take a look at for new ideas, send me a link.  Thanks!




News & Current Events


·        The LASS 2002 elections are done and the winners are:


Bob Waters – President

John Eshbach – Secretary

Bud Sherwood – Board Member




·        The Contest schedule for 2002 was decided at the February meeting and the results are on the web site and listed below:

2002 LASS Contest Schedule









March 16, 2002


Ted Lancaster

Ted Politica

April 20, 2002

5 min. duration

Bob Waters

Roger Greenwalt

May 18, 2002

15 min. Q Max

Jim Schemm

Paul Ahnert

June 8 & 9, 2002

Annual ESL Contest

John Murr


June 15, 2002

4-6-8 duration

Dave Harris

Greg Williams

July 20, 2002


John Eshbach

Don Climenson

August 17, 2002

7 min duration

Gerry Zigenfuse

Louise Zigenfuse

September 21, 2002

10 min. duration

Gary Atkinson

Keith Lancaster

October 19, 2002

15 min. Q Max

Steve Palumbo

Bud Sherwood

November16, 2002

3 min. precision

Bruce Musser

George Burnley




Please remember to get your dues for 2002 into Carl Foltz as soon as possible.  You can send your check for $30.00, payable to LASS to:


Carl R Foltz

142 Froelich Ave.

Mountville, PA 17554


Include a copy of your 2002 AMA membership card for proof of membership in AMA.


Air Time

·        Bud, Greg and I made a trip to Cocalico a couple of weekends ago to fly electrics.  Beautiful day with a slight wind and hardly anyone else there.  We flew for almost least 4 hours and had a great time!!  Twice I caught a big thermal and got my plane up so high I could easily hide it with the antenna tip!  Now if I could only do that during a contest…J

·        I’ve posted some pictures I’ve received from members in a new section on the website called The Hangar – check it out!  I hope to get at least one picture of each member with the plane(s) of his choice on the site to add to the growing collection.

Other Stuff




Got flaps? – Good article on why you should consider them on your sailplane.


Attitude – you can never have enough of this and airspeed.  Oh, sorry – that’s altitude and airspeed.  Attitude is what you get from the wife when you tell her you are going flying on Saturday…J!  This article is about contest flying and making excuses about why you lost.



Upcoming Events


Central Penn Aeromodelers Association 22nd Annual R/C Flea Market


Saturday, March 9, 2002 at the Lebanon Fairgrounds.  540 tables of R/C goodies!  Doors open at 7 am for those selling and at 9 am for everyone else.  Donation at the door - $6 (under 12 free).  We have 5 tables (tickets are all gone, sorry).  Contact Bob Waters for more info.


LASS Annual Dinner


April 21, 2002 at Kreiders banquet room in Manheim (located in the rear of the building).  Festivities start at 5:00 PM with a social half hour, followed by dinner at 5:30 and entertainment at 6:30.  The meal will be served family style with your choice of roast turkey, ham, or beef.  Fruit cup, tossed salad w/dressing, REAL mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and butter, plus pie and ice cream for desert!

Year end awards will be presented.




That’s about it for this month.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop me an email at