JANUARY 2002 ISSUE


From the Editor:


Happy New Year!!  Since this is the first newsletter that I’ve ever edited and produced, I will begin by apologizing in advance for the mistakes I’m sure I’ll be making while in this post.  I feel almost like I did this past summer when I started flying again after 15 years – a little scared but excited at the same time.  Just hope I don’t crash….J 

I would like to begin by acknowledging Carl Foltz’s outstanding work on this newsletter over the past 10 years.  You’ve left some big shoes for me to fill, Carl, but with a little help I’m sure I’ll get through it!


News & Current Events


The LASS website ( has been up and running since the end of September and has seen over 100 hits per month since it came on line!!  We have even been receiving email inquiries from persons interested in getting started in our hobby and our swap shop section has helped sell items for club members.  I want all of the LASS members to remember that this is YOUR web site!  Let me know what you want to see and if it’s possible, we’ll put it on the site.  If you haven’t looked at it yet, check it out – there is plenty of information and links to other soaring related websites.



As a result of the December meeting on 12/20, the following persons have been nominated for club offices:


            Bob Waters – President

            John Eshbach – Secretary

            Dave Harris

            Bud Sherwood – Board Member

            Steve Palumbo



Email ballots have been sent out to all LASS members that have email.  Those without email will have a ballot mailed to them.  Please try to get your ballot returned to as soon as possible.


It’s Membership Renewal time again!!!


Please remember to get your dues for 2002 into Carl Foltz as soon as possible.  You can send your check for $30.00, payable to LASS to:


Carl R Foltz

142 Froelich Ave.

Mountville, PA 17554


Include a copy of your 2002 AMA membership card for proof of membership in AMA.



Air Time


With the past few weeks of favorable winds, those frigid flyers have been mixing it up at the Breezy View slope site overlooking the soon to be frozen Susquehanna River.  John Eshbach has also had Breezy View listed on a web site dedicated to slope soaring.  You can see our listing and John’s write up at:  Thanks, John!  Bundle up and stop out at the slope some breezy day (brrrrr!).


Annual Dinner


The annual dinner was discussed at the December meeting and a tentative date of March 21, 2002 was set.  It is to be held at Kreiders in Manheim on RT72.  More details about meal choices and times will be posted on the web site as they become available.



Other Stuff


Here’s some links to various R/C topics and related web sites:




Setting Goals – Good beginner and intermediate flyer info

The Art of Landing – Planning your approach and other tips




RC FAQ – Good links page for R/C related info.  Check out the TEKOA foam cutters!

Hollyday Designs – They advertise the best hi-start rubber around.  If yours is losing its stretch, check ‘em out!



Upcoming Events


January Meeting

Thursday (01/17/2002) in the Mountville Library community room @ 7PM.  For directions, see the web site FAQ page.


LASS Dinner

Kreiders of Manheim (RT72) March 21, 2002.  Cost expected to be $17 per person.





That’s about it for this month.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop me an email at